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Selling - Nightmare CD's & DVD's - Great Condition/Tons of Pictures [24 Nov 2015|12:51am]


Here are the items I am selling. I ship from west coast, United States. Negotiate prices if you'd like, but I think these are quite fair.

Nightmare - Killer Show (w/ DVD Limited Edition) [OUT OF PRINT]
Original Price: 3048yen Selling Price: $15
Nightmare - Rem_ (w/ DVD "Rem_" PV Limited Edition) [OUT OF PRINT]
Original Price: 1429yen Selling Price: $9
Nightmare - Lost in Blue (w/ DVD "Lost In Blue" PV Limited Edition) [OUT OF PRINT]
Original Price: 1429yen Selling Price: $9
Nightmare - Majestical Parade (w/ Photo Booklet + DVD "Can you do it?" PV Limited Edition) [Out of Print]
Original Price: 3333yen Selling Price: $17

Nightmare - 10th Anniversary Special Act vol. 1 GIANIZM -Tenma Fukumetsu- (Limited Edition)
Includes Tour Strap Badge, 3 DVD's & 2 CD's
Original Price: 9524yen Selling Price: $58

See full sales post here!
Please PM/message me if you are interested.
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Nightmare items for Sale!^^ [05 Aug 2014|01:49pm]

Hi Everyone.

I am looking to sell the following items.

Hitsugi Designed Gloves for £15

A Welcome to Killer Show Photo Pamphlet for £12 and also a World Ruler Photo Pamphlet for £7.

Anyone wanting all three can get them for £30 for saving me hassle, LOL!
Europe shipping £12.50/UK shipping £7.00

For any further information or pictures please contact me via LJ or at lucyjackson1987@gmail.com.

If anyone is interested in other Jrock merchandise, magazines and Jrock related jewellery please have a browse at:


Kindest wishes
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Lots of Hitsugi stuff for sale [09 May 2013|09:57pm]



I'm selling off my collection of Hitsugi/Nightmare official photo sets, postcards, signed goods, live photos, etc. There are about 65 or so items (mostly Hitsugi) and I've grouped them into sets. Everything is from late 90's up until around 2003. Please take a look if interested, thanks!


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sale [20 Mar 2013|10:13am]

selling nightmare cds for little money

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sale [10 Mar 2013|07:15pm]

hy i have many clippings for sale
please look here http://gaze-bubble.livejournal.com/612.html
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FOR SELL !!!!! [20 Feb 2013|11:22pm]

Hi! ^^
I'm selling some oldies from Nightmare!
---> http://kurotenshi12012.livejournal.com/20442.html
All prices are in euro and does not include the shipping (if you are interessed, don't forget to give me your address in a PM to let me calculate it!)
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Selling [27 Jan 2013|11:02pm]

Shipping worldwide from Singapore
Forms of payment: Paypal (overseas) / ATM transfer (Singapore)  

Cost of Purchase + Shipping + Paypal fee (3.4% +$0.50)

I'm not responsible for purchases lost in mail.
All prices are in SGD.

Sendai Kamotsu Flyer $3
[ESP] Hitsugi (Nightmare) Signature model pick $5
[ESP] Hitsugi (Nightmare) 10th Anniversary Signature model pick $5

Please view my journal, HERE, for other stuff I'm selling.
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Sale [11 Dec 2012|09:19pm]

Selling Nightmare Tour Strap (Six Point Killer Show)

picCollapse )
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New Items added [18 Nov 2012|01:35pm]

i sell some stuff at my journal. Please take a look http://gazerock-kawaii.livejournal.com/
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Nightmare for saaaale [10 Nov 2012|11:27am]

We still have a few Nightmare / Sendai kamotsu stuffs still going for sale here; all are rare and/or out of print! Discounted prices!

Please look here! :) --->


(Also many other J-artists' goods for sale in the same journal! Go take a look~!)

Thank you ;D ♥
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13th anniversary project! [15 Oct 2012|05:27pm]


Hello everyone, I'd just like to inform you all of the 13th anniversary project I've organized.


I would really love to make this project even more successful than the fanbook that was delivered to Chiba at FanimeCon in May! I'm hardly ever on lj-- just on here to make this post because I'm not sure where else to spread the word (I have already done so on tumblr, facebook groups, twitter, and NightmarisM on deviantart). So that being said, I will more than likely respond quicker to any questions/messages left in fuckyeahnightmare's inbox or crash_nightmare_channel@hotmail.com

Please spread the word!

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shoxx 234 [01 Sep 2012|09:38pm]

Originally posted by meikutan at shoxx 234
My packed from japan arrived yesteday
shoxx Vol.234 special feature nightmare vs baroque.
I brought via CDjapan. Include bonus photocard (≧▽≦)/~┴┴ but I didn't get Sakito as i wish but it's still ok since i like baroque too.
Here more preview
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sale [12 Jun 2012|06:20pm]



i sell posters and CD's from Nightmare.

if you are interested please look here http://gazerock-kawaii.livejournal.com/

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Igaguri Chiba Fanproject [02 Jun 2012|04:19pm]


With my girlfriend, I'll be present at Chiba's live (Sendai Kamotsu) at Tokyo on July 20th. So we decided to make an international fanproject to show him how many fans like him all around the world.

It will be a fanbook with your messages, your drawings and your photos for Chiba!

Concerning photos, you have to take yourself with a placard on wich it's written "We love you Chiba".
Feel free to find a funny situation and to customize your placard as you want.^^

You can as well send us drawings and customized messages.

We accept several contributions by person (for exemple : 1 message + 1 drawing or 1 picture only or 1 message + 1 drawing + 1 picture etc...)

You can send us everything by mail or at our postal adress (please ask it by PM) not later than June 30th. (we need time to finalise fanbook)

If you have questions, please ask us. We will be happy to answer to you.^^
We hope to receive a lot of pictures/drawings/messages for Chiba!

Note that you can follow this project on facebook too at this adress :

Thank you very much!!
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Igaguri Chiba is coming to Fanime! [03 May 2012|09:41pm]

Igaguri Chiba of Sendai Kamotsu to appear at Fanime 2012

Fanime 2012 has announced their second guest of Honor, Igaguri Chiba from Sendai Kamotsu.

Igaguri Chiba is the vocalist for the musical group Sendai Kamotsu. The story goes that six workers from a mysterious freight company from the Miyagi Prefecture perform together for a hobby. However, they always wear red overalls and heavy makeup to hide their identity from other coworkers at the freight company. Chiba works in the delivery department of this company and is the younger brother of Nightmare'€™s vocalist, Yomi.

Sendai Kamotsu announced their hiatus in November of 2009 due to the freight company becoming bankrupt in the economic recession. The bankruptcy story is told in their Fukyou no Kaze music video. Since then, Chiba has launched a solo career in efforts to build up the capital to revitalize the freight company.

In October of 2010, Chiba released his first solo single, Gira Gira Boys€. Japanese for Glitter Boys, it exemplifies Chiba's flamboyant performing style. He then embarked on a short tour titled Gorgeous€ 3 Point Special~On the Road Until Sendai Kamotsu's Revival~vol.1. Chiba is currently preparing for his third tour, set to begin on June 29, 2012.

Fanime will be May 25-28th, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California.

He will be performing at Fanime’s Musicfest on Saturday evening.

Source: Fanime OHP

Original Article:
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DISCOUNTS!!! [02 May 2012|10:45pm]

DISCOUNTS ON RARE STUFF!!! NIGHTMARE (& many more) for sale @ our store!

Visit super_j_store and take a look!

Many posts inside selling Mags, CDs, DVDs, posters :

The GazettE, Nightmare, Penicillin, MACHINE, hide, MIYAVI, Janne da arc, many more... :)

Thanks for looking!! ;)
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selling posters [18 Apr 2012|08:22pm]


more here!

thank you~!
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Wanna buy...? [13 Apr 2012|01:31pm]


NIGHTMARE FOR SALE @ super_j_store
Thanks for looking :)
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[Selling] Nightmare 10th anniversary special act vol.1 GIANIZM - Tenma Fukumetsu - Special [17 Jan 2012|08:54pm]

Hi there!
I'm selling my copy of Nightmare 10th anniversary special act vol.1 GIANIZM - Tenma Fukumetsu - Special
You can take a look here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180799111579
Feel free to message me if needed.
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sale post [22 Oct 2011|01:49pm]

I'm selling different j-rock-stuff, also Nightmare...

Please have a look here:
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