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nightmare_fans's Journal

fans . of . nightmare
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Hello and welcome to nightmare_fans! Livejournals community for ナイトメア (Nightmare). Please do not post Nightmare YAOI/Band slash fanfiction. You will be banned if you do post it!. Any yaoi fics should be posted in jrockyaoi. DON'T post full albums and or singles in the community either. One or two songs are fine, but we frown on sharing all of it. We want people to buy, rather than mp3 hoard their entire discography.

Nightmare are:
Yomi -Vocals (ex. re:birth)
咲人 (Sakito) -Guitar
柩 (Hitsugi) -Guitar
Ni~ya -Bass
RUKA -Drums (ex. Luinspear)

Zennin -Drums (left mid. 2000)

This community was originally created by graymichael and is now owned by fahrenheit. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact her!

Maintainer: Lisa (fahrenheit)
Moderators: Jasmine (8bitgirlsbravo
New Releases!
May 10th - Gianism - Nightmare no Kuse ni Namaikidazo (Album)